Welcome to Central Disputes System

When submitting a claim, please take the time to be thorough when entering your information. Once we receive your request for an investigation, we will contact the operations involved and likely enlist the help of SpinLogic Gaming in researching your claims. For this reason we ask that you be patient and refrain from any further activity on the accounts listed until the dispute is resolved. Any further activity on your part could delay the results of our investigation. Typically this process takes about three weeks but can take twice that depending on the volume of play or the number of operations involved.

If you are a player at a SpinLogic Gaming casino, please look for and click on the CDS link on the website for the casino in which you are needing resolution to an issue. Before submitting your claim we ask that you review the Terms and Conditions of the operations involved to be sure you understand the rules in effect while you were playing.


The Player Dispute Team
Central Disputes System Corporation